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Creative Aurvana Gold Design PictureThe Aurvana Gold are not the most comfortable headphones. They feel sturdy but stiff and are very tight on the head. Durability is also a concern, as the headphones are almost entirely made of plastic. The only redeeming qualities are the padded headband and the position of the control buttons.

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The Aurvana Gold look premium. The thick brown headband and circular ear cups are highlighted by silver and black accents. The similarly designed Aurvana Platinum has the same esthetic but a brighter color scheme that may be more appealing to some.

5.5 Comfort

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Creative Aurvana Gold Comfort Picture Creative Aurvana Gold Controls Picture
 Ease of use : Subpar
 Feedback : Mediocre
 Call/Music Control : Yes
 Volume Control : Yes
 Microphone Control : No
 Channel Mixing 
 Noise Canceling Control : Adjustable
 Talk-Through : Adjustable
 Additional Buttons : No

The buttons are in the right place, but don’t have a great feel to them. This is especially true of the volume buttons

Creative Aurvana Gold Portability Picture

 L : 8.27 “
 W : 8..27 “
 H : 2.36 “
 Volume : 161.51 Cu. Inches
 Stand required : N/A

The Aurvana Gold are too bulky and cumbersome to carry around on your person. They’re not portable and do not fold up int a more compact format for storage or transport. On the upside, the ear cups lay flat to take less space in a bag. However, they are too massive to fit into any pockets or handbags.

Creative Aurvana Gold Build Quality Picture

Good build quality and feel. The plastic doesn’t seem to be the best out there, but it is better than what you get with most headphones. The feel and quality of the buttons could be improved. The headband adjustment, however, produces a very solid and well-defined click.

Creative Aurvana Gold Stability Picture

Like the Aurvana Platinum, these headphones are not stable. They’re bulky, heavy and sway as you tilt your head. The tight fit can maintain the headphones in place during casual use, but they will quickly fall off your head during any physical activity. On the upside, the wireless design means they’re are no cables that will get tangled and pull the headphones off your head.

Creative Aurvana Gold Cable Picture

 Detachable : Yes
 Length : 4.08 ft
 Connection : 1/8″ TRRS

Comes with two cables; USB for charging and 1/8″TRS-1/16″TRS for using the headphones wired.

Creative Aurvana Gold Top PictureCreative Aurvana Gold Angled Picture
Creative Aurvana Gold Side PictureCreative Aurvana Gold Front Picture
Creative Aurvana Gold Rear Picture

In the box

Creative Aurvana Gold In the box Picture

  • Creative Aurvana Gold Headphones
  • Carrying pouch
  • Flight adapter
  • Audio cable
  • USB cable
  • Manual


The Aurvana Gold struggle a little as everyday headphones. They have a lot of features, but they’re bulky and leak a lot. This prevents them from being sufficiently well-rounded for everyday casual use.
Not good for critical listening. Their audio reproduction is too bass heavy and the closed back design limits their sound stage. They’re also uncomfortably tight.
Decent for commuting. They’re wireless and have a somewhat competent control scheme. Their noise-cancelling is also efficient enough for noisy commutes. However, they get uncomfortable on your head relatively fast.
Too bulky for sports.They’re tight on your head, but the big earcups are unstable. They’re too cumbersome for most physical activities.
Average for office use. They leak a little too much making your audio audible to the people around you. However, they do block a fair amount of ambient noise.
Below-average for home theater use. They have a bit too much latency for watching videos and movies even with aptX enabled.


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